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Darren Teague

Hi, I’m Darren and as a strength and conditioning coach working with a variety of athletes including professional footballers, cricketers, amateur athletes, young athletes and more recently clients who have had brain injuries, I have found the HighRoller to be an invaluable tool for soft tissue muscle management.

It means that everyone and anyone can use it as there is no longer the need to hold ones own bodyweight on your wrists enabling a more focused and comfortable approach to foam rolling.

Having used foam rollers and other self myofascial release tools I can honestly say I have not come across anything as effective.

 Maxine Dalgliesh-Quinn

Hi! I’m Maxine and I love my HighRoller! I even travel with it! Now being a part of the HighRoller UK team my job is to make sure you love it too!

My background of hospitality management and marketing goes along way to ensure customers needs and wants are met. With further understanding of the importance of muscle management as I am currently training as an advanced clinical sports massage therapist, which helps me appreciate the value of muscle management in both sport and life. Being an active soul playing for a couple of Netball teams, regular sports related training and the odd muddy obstacle race I know the worth of body and muscle maintenance, am therefore excited to be here!

Esther Cochrane

Hi! I’m Esther. I hold a personal training qualification from the National Academy of Sports Science (NASM) and British Weightlifting Association as an Olympic Weight Lifting and strength & conditioning coach. I’ve also worked in Marketing for what seems like forever and run my own marketing agency right here in Brighton.

The HighRoller was first introduced to me, as part of my own training sessions in 2016 – I instantly understood its benefits and use it as part of my pre-and post-workouts and train regularly. When the opportunity came about to join the HighRoller team, I jumped at the chance! I’m excited to be associated with a sports product that really does make a difference to an athlete’s performance.


Nick Cochrane

I’ve worked in technology for over 20 years and brings sales, marketing and commercial experience to the team.

I’m an avid sportsperson partaking in as many activities as my young family will allow me to with my new fascination being triathlons. I regularly uses my HighRoller after long training sessions to help get rid off sore muscles in my rapidly approaching 40 year-old body.










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