dan lawson ultra runner

Dan Lawson is an ultra runner and part of The Great Britain Ultra Running Team. Currently the European 24HR race champion, Dan also has the British records for the longest distance covered in both 12 and 24 hours on the road.

 He has finished on the podium in the prestigious Spartathlon and Badwater Ultra races and holds numerous course records around the world.

 His race distances are normally between 160 to 400km and to compete in these he follows a strict training regime, which regularly sees him running over 180 miles a week.

 "During my peak training weeks my mileage can hit close to 180-200, recovery is everything during this kind of volume, I need to be able to get up each day still having that bounce and freshness in my legs, it's not easy ! But the HighRoller is such an effective tool in making this happen."

 Next up for Dan is the Ultra Trail Gobi, a non stop 400k race in the Gobi Desert, China.


Tom Evans - Ultra Runner

Tom Evans has just raced in the Marathon des Sables. The race is run over 250km, through endless dunes, over rocky jebels, and across white-hot salt plains, with temperatures reaching over 50 degrees. Every day completing roughly marathon distance, except for the ‘long stage’ which is 2017 was 86.2km. Tom, racing in his first multi-day event had a fantastic race and ended up finishing 3rd overall.  This is the highest position that any British Athlete has ever finished. The Moroccans have always dominated this race and this was the first time that any European athlete has featured on the podium.  Tom has been invited to race on the Ultra Trail World Tour (UTWT) as an elite athlete.

The MdS attracts athletes from all across the world, in 2017, runners from 53 different countries took part in the gruelling race. Due to the self-sufficiency of the event, lots of serving and ex-military personnel compete in the race. Tom is currently serving as a Captain in the British Army. Of note, double amputee Duncan Stater competed the race and is inspiration to all. The determination and strength shown by him, and all others competing, is vast.

Tom is going to be racing in the Anglo Celtic Plate 100km which is also the UK Championships at that distance in May and then onto racing on the UTWT with races all over the world. 

“Pre-hab and post training stretching and rolling is very important to my training program. Due to the high volume of my training 100-120 miles per week, it is very important to look after myself.  With the help and support from the team at HighRoller I am able to stay injury free and perform at the highest of my ability”


Matt Hewitt - Athlete

"As an athlete for Southampton AC competing in the 110 hurdles I am really excited to begin working with HighRoller and using their innovative product!

I have been specialising in the sprint hurdles for a number of years now and regularly compete at both Indoor and Outdoor British championships up against the best athletes in the country. I will be competing for Southampton AC in the Premier League of the British Athletics League this year and this will provide me with a high level of competition regularly throughout out the season. I have also targeted a few races over in Belgium to give me another high quality race in a different environment.

My main target for this upcoming season is to primarily get back into the shape I was in a few seasons ago, having changed jobs and lifestyle I struggled to get any kind of consistency in my running limiting my chances of running fast times, however after a solid indoor season where I ran a personal best for the first time in 2 years I feel the outdoor season will be a lot more positive for me!

The 110 hurdles is a technical event that is physically demanding, particularly on the posterior chain. Using the high roller will enable me to alleviate any aches/pains that I will inevitably experience throughout training and the race season."



Chris Hewitt - Athlete

"I am a 100m and 200m Sprinter for Brighton and Hove Athletics Club. My personal bests in these events are 10.90 and 22.38 respectively, which I am looking to improve in the upcoming season.

My 2017 season target is to compete in the British Championships/World Trials in either event. I will be competing at a number of amateur to high level competitions throughout the season. These include the British Athletics League for Brighton AC as well as the South of England championships.

Using the HighRoller as a recovery tool is perfect. It's compact and easy to take training with me for roll outs between runs. The High Roller is also perfect for both pre and post competition and will enable me to keep my muscles in shape to hit those fast times (hopefully)."



Jason Cunden - Physiotherapist

"I qualified with a first class honours BSc in physiotherapy and have special interests in movement analysis, chronic pain, rehabilitation and athletic development. Helping people of all fitness levels become independent in their health management has always been my goal.

Knowing what is available, I have found the HighRoller to be the most practical, adaptive and effective self myofascial releasing instrument on the market. It suits my patients who need to get rid of the occasional aches and pains. Also those who frequently push themselves in sport, requiring the convenience of self relief from tightness and muscle soreness anytime.

Managing physical health independently enables people to live, move and train better, which is why I am proud to represent HighRoller."



Rebecca Miller - Netball Player

"I play netball in the national league and manage to train 4-5 times a week whilst also working full-time!

I have been training with Darren for the past two and half years, and rolling out before and after my workouts, has been an intrinsic part of my training sessions. Introducing the HighRoller into my programme earlier this year has been a game changer. Playing a high intensity, physical sport like netball and training numerous times a week, combined long journeys to our fixtures all over the country, the

HighRoller has improved my muscle recovery immensely, meaning that I can get more out of my training sessions. I can be quite lazy about looking after my body, especially during the recovery period, however the HighRoller does all the work for you and gets much deeper into your muscles and the smaller muscles that a basic foam roller does not get to. I couldn’t imagine using anything but the HighRoller now!"



Millie Hood - Dancer

"I am currently a student at an independent college in London, training in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre. My goal in life is to perform in the West End, or Broadway would be a dream! With the bulk of my daily practice focusing on dance and being in my final year now, my training places a huge demand on my body. This leaves me feeling what I describe as ‘broken’ at the end of the day, with every muscle seized up, feeling aches and pains all over. This is when I tend to (or know I should be) rolling out my muscles, to ease them for my following day. However, I find that the strenuosity of an average roller on my wrists and abs whilst lifting myself off the ground is too tiresome! The HighRoller has relieved these problems for me, using their niche elevated methods.

At the moment I’m dancing in heels for 20 hours a week, therefore my calves are paying for it. I can simply come home and lay down watching tv whilst rolling out my legs, its just so simple and easy. Last week in particular they were really suffering and I embraced any moment I could to roll out my calves. Its certainly a first, but I was able to stand the HighRoller beside my table and roll out my legs whilst simultaneously eating my dinner! You certainly cannot perform those sort of tricks with your regular roller. I am a big fan and every athlete needs one of these in their toolbox!!"



Glen Rea – Footballer

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Glen throughout his burgeoning career since the age of 10 in both a football coaching role in his younger years and strength and conditioning coach since he signed as a scholar for BHAFC.

For the past three seasons he has completed a 3-4 week pre season preparation programme with me and has constantly improved. I've never met a more dedicated player and he deserves ever part of his success in making it as a professional player and signing a 2 year deal with Luton Town FC after a loan spell at the end of last season.

This year we brought in the HighRoller as part of his pre training prep and post training recovery.

Glen said "I've never felt better than I have done coming into pre season. I know I've matured as a player and have gained another seasons' experience but I feel the HighRoller has just helped me recover quicker allowing me to train harder. I now use it everyday and it's just so simple to use!"



Emily Proto - Athlete

"I started running in 2011, my best time for a marathon is 2 hours 59 and I am hoping to improve that further at London next year. I was the 3rd fastest female last year in the Brighton Half Marathon in a time of 1 hour 19 minutes. I run between 60 – 75 miles a week and I regularly use a roller to help my legs to recover from training sessions.

For me, the HighRoller makes it so much easier to get to all the muscles I need to work on. When using a regular roller, I struggle to roll my calves for long as I feel like I’m tensing a lot and use a lot of strength to push up on my hands, I love that you can lay down and relax while rolling your calves with the HighRoller!"